Thursday, December 29, 2011

Potential Chant: Bend It

Name of Song/Chant: Bend It

To the tune of: Bend It by Davy and Dee Dee (1968) 

Bend it, bend it, just a little bit
C’mon now Zusi, show you're rockin' it
And Sporting, you know that we're gonna win
Right now 'cos I'm sure we will begin
With Zizzo, Benny and Dom Dwyer*
Kick it forceful, show some hustle

Bend it, bend it, just a little more
We love you KC, now we’re gonna score
But you can make me feel that I am sure
I've got a sickness only you can cure
So just relax, there's stacks of time,
but please don't tease me - try to please me

*2011 version - With Sapong, Convey and Kamara

USMNT Lyrics:
Bend it, bend it, just a little bit
C’mon now Zusi, show you're rockin' it
And U! S!, you know that we're gonna win
Right now 'cos I'm sure we will begin
With Bradley, Jozy and Clint Dempsey
Kick it forceful, show some hustle

Bend it, bend it, just a little more
We love you Yanks, now we’re gonna score
But you can make me feel that I am sure
I've got a sickness only you can cure
So just relax, there's stacks of time,
but please don't tease me - try to please me

Original Song:

Chant Origins:
I forget how I found this exactly, but I was probably looking for videos on You Tube of some nice free kicks bending to their target.  As soon as I heard the slow start and the rapid finish in the style of a good Greek folk song, I knew I had to rework the lyrics to apply to Graham Zusi since he had some great placements in 2011.  I initially had Bravo in the place of Convey but with the release of Bravo that had to switch.  Bunbury just doesn't fit in there well so I went with Convey. I guess we could put in Soony too.

Heard at Sporting Park: Never
Heard from other MLS supporters groups: None - an original!

Why it works: original lyrics, incorporates Sporting well, good soccer references, slow start to get everyone timed up right, good change in tempo always sounds good from a coordinated group, positive and supportive

Why it might not: Never been done before, not a familiar radio friendly song, change in tempo could be very tricky with a large group, complex lyrics over two verses (could be cut down to just one, but I like them both!), works well with or without drums.

Got an idea for a chant? Submit it to us!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sporting KC on Wikipedia

In a constant hunger for all good things Sporting Kansas City, I often find myself at some point referencing Wikipedia.  You can find a good lot of information there, with nearly all of it pretty accurate.  But there are a few pages related to our team that could use some work.  I thought I would highlight a few here so that the diligent online SKC community could get to work and make us whole!

If you make any significant changes, please email or tweet us so we can update this page.

Page: Sporting Kansas City
Needs: Copyediting for grammar, style, cohesion, tone, or spelling
Basically when everyone adds little facts incrementally the whole page doesn't always look the best.  So we need someone with a keen eye for good writing to go in and clean it up while retaining the facts and basic story.  Sporting has one of the better Wikipedia pages in my humble opinion.  I have not had the time nor desire to read through every other MLS team's page but DC United has a pretty good one too.  Also only a picture of Arrowhead in the stadiums section.  We need a LSP picture on this page.  The supporters club section needs some citations and some updating as well from an objective third party.  Would be nice if a local paper did an article on the supporter groups because then we could link to that.  Wikipedia editors frown upon blog links unless you are the Huffington Post or in that echelon.  MLS regular season all time record only goes through 2008.  Robb Heinemann is listed as the club's only president?  Who came before Robb?  Not very much about the historical Wiz/Wizards logos.  No (pictorial) history of the different kits. And boy do we have some history.

Page: Livestrong Sporting Park
Needs: Images, story, facts
The Sporting Park page is pretty anemic.  Yeah sure we have only been playing in it for a few months, but if we don't get some of the info down now, it might be harder to recall to tell the great story of LSP.  The two images of the stadium are pretty weak.  Try looking at the Red Bull Arena page for some better ideas.

Our players need some pictures on their Wikipedia pages.  If you have any pictures you took that are quality that is probably the best one to use because you own it and can upload it as a Creative Commons licensed photo.  But if you find a good one online and can contact the photographer maybe they would upload it for fair use.  Don't steal images! (Read the rules on posting a picture to Wikipedia)

Player (current and notable past) pages in need of any picture/head shot:

Player pages in need of a better head shot (typically has action shot there, but might be better suited for head shot in box and action shot in article.)

Player pages in need of an action shot (because our players have skills):


Player pages in need of picture of player in Sporting KC kit:

Players in need of more facts on their page:

Now get to work people!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sporting KC Goals 2011 (plus some history)

Fantastic compilation except for the fact they left out CJ and Kei's FIFA 12 goal celebration and they used announcers that could not pronounce Bunbury to save their life.

Make sure to watch, share and like.  Spread the good news!


And just for reference here are the other years I found on YT.  Sorry for the cruddy quality of the video.

2010 Season Highlights

2009 Best Goals

2008 Best Goals

 2007 Best Goals

 2006 Best Goals

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The South Stand SC Founder's Kit

It is very exciting to announce the first big effort out of the newly formed South Stand Supporters Club!  On the SSSC website you can sign up for a Founder's Kit for $50 to help provide the initial boost of funds to help the South Stand accomplish great things.  Money has already been donated by Ad Astra and the Wedge to help provide the initial capital to purchase this great membership swag.

Only 100 Founder scarves were ordered and they are likely to move fast.  We should have them available after the first of the year.

When you sign up, please make sure to choose Ad Astra as your affiliated supporter group. Remember we will be in 118 this year.  Can't wait to see you.

Other membership levels (with scarves) are coming, we just wanted to start off with a big one first.  The price is really an investment if you really want to make LSP the loudest place on the planet.  We have big plans for SSSC! Come be a part of it!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Goals for Good 2011 Recap and 2012 Future

Now that the season is over, the email reminders to actually donate have been sent out to the 10 people who participated in this initial Goals for Good program for fans of Sporting Kansas City.  These 10 people pledged a total of $25 for each goal scored at LiveSTRONG Sporting Park by Sporting KC.  With 29 goals scored at home by Kei, CJ, Omar and the gang, that is $725 pledged to 4 great charities (LiveSTRONG, Harvester's, Humane Society, City of Joplin)

As a bonus for participating this year, the initial 10 donors will all get input on helping select the first round of donor recipients to be reviewed for the 2012 Goals for Good program.

Here are some ideas we are floating around for next year to make this an even bigger fan supported program:
  • Open nomination and selection process for the 4 donor recipient positions (prior to the season starting)
  • Collaborating with the recipients in co-promoting this endeavor
  • Collaboration with key stakeholders in the SKC community
  • Banner in LSP showing who much money pledged per goal made
  • Adding an option to pledge for clean sheets to reward defensive play
  • Giveaways/contests to encourage people to pledge
  • Option for public recognition of your pledge
  • Option for businesses to get involved
Thanks again to those who participated this year.  If you would like to help out with Goals for Good in 2012 please email

To learn more about the 2011 Goals for Good program please see the official page:

2011 Summary

 2 pledges for a total of $ 3/goal; Total amount to date: $81
 4 pledges for a total of $ 9/goal; Total amount to date: $243
 3 pledges for a total of $ 7/goal; Total amount to date: $203
 2 pledges for a total of $ 6/goal; Total amount to date: $162

Total amount pledged to date: $ 725