Monday, June 20, 2011

Ad Astra on The Footy Chronicles Podcast

A major thanks to Isaac of The Footy Chronicles and Alex of The Front Men for inviting me on their June 18th podcast. We talked a little about Ad Astra SKC, but then went into a recap of the San Jose game, and this was also about the time Ryan Smith disappeared of Twitter and went back to Europe.

These two young fans are doing a great job highlighting Sporting KC. Their age does not hold them back at all. I really like what they are doing with the podcast and their blogs. I hope they can keep it up because social media is really hard work. Don't let the no-to-low cost fool you! It often turns into quite a lot of time and time is one thing you never get back once you spend it!

Go check out their blogs, and comment at least once. If you were not aware comments are what give bloggers energy. When you don't want to post, but someone leaves you a great note, wow you feel like you really made an impact. So if you like to jump and cheer at the games go out, read AND comment on their blogs.

You can also find The Footy Chronicles and The Front Men on Facebook.


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