Friday, October 21, 2011

Potential Chants: Say Say Oh CJ!

Name of Song/Chant: Say Say Oh CJ!

To the tune of:
Say Say Oh Playmate

New Lyrics:

Say Say Oh C...J!
Come out and play with me!
Just bring your energy!
Run hard for ol' KC

Right down the pitch now
Get a-round their back four
Please score more goals for us
Forever more more more more more!

Chant Origins:
Say Say Oh Playmate is a pretty well known playground song used in hand clapping games.  This makes it easy to find a beat that can be slowed or sped up according to the desire of the fans.  The familiarity of the rhythm and melody should make adapting new lyrics pretty easy.  It would be great to chant when he makes a great play, comes on or off the pitch during a sub or of course after he scores (after the crowd noise dies down).  And we really need some more player specific chants because just saying the name and clapping 5 times doesn't really demonstrate the appreciation we have for our players (although it is easy to adapt and remember.)

A Sample if you are unfamiliar with it (we would go much slower!)

Heard at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park: Never
Heard from other MLS supporters groups: None - an original!

Why it works: original lyrics, already popular playground song, easy clapping rhythm fast beat, call and response for those who don't get the majority of the lyrics
Why it might not: Never been done before

Got an idea for a chant? Submit it to us!


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