Monday, April 9, 2012

Potential Chants: C is for Collin

Name of Song/Chant: C is for Collin

To the tune of: C is for Cookie by Cookie Monster

C is for Collin, he's good enough for me CLAP CLAP
C is for Collin, he's good enough for me CLAP CLAP
C is for Collin, he's GOOD enough for me OHHHHHHHH
Collin, Collin, plays for SKC CLAP CLAP CLAP

Chant video (coming soon hopefully):

Original Song:

Chant Origins:
Calvin L suggested this in the Facebook group for New Songs on March 31st, 2012.  A couple variations were suggested and this is the version most people agreed upon.  The song is well known in America among people aged in their 30's since originating in 1972 on Sesame Street.  Seen referenced by a UK blogger as well.

Heard at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park: Being tried starting with the April 7th game against LA.
Heard from other MLS supporters groups: None - an original! Although their was talk in 2008 of Rapids fans using it for the Rapids player Terry Cooke.  I cannot find any recordings or evidence it went beyond just talk.

Why it works: simple well known children's song, minimal lyrics, fan favorite player reference, positive and supportive, incorporates clapping which keeps everyone closer to the beat
Why it might not: Never been done before, a little change on the bumber of Collin/Cookie references on the last line to get SKC to fit may throw off people learning it for the first time.

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