Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ad Astra SKC History

Founded: May 10 2011
Founder: Christian Sinclair

The initial goal was to use social media to effectively get more people in the new LIVESTRONG Sporting Park cheering loudly for our team. I was a new season ticket holder in Section 102 and wanted to take this unique opportunity to bond with my fellow fans around me. A group of just under 20 people exchanged info over email and Ad Astra SKC was born.

Since then we have led chants in our section with poor to fair results (I'll be honest - getting 20 relative strangers to cheer when you are not sitting next to each other is just plain hard.), made our first tifo (large overhead banner) to honor Jimmy Nielsen on his birthday, started a pledge drive for Sporting KC fans to support local charities when Sporting scores at LSP, maintained active Facebook and Twitter accounts, answered questions for other fans on the main Sporting KC Facebook Fan Page, and encouraged a positive feeling of support to Sporting KC players, staff, and fans.

In September 2011 , the web site was created to maintain a better archive than Twitter or Facebook really functionally allow for. We are open to posts from fans so please submit them if you are interested.

For 2012 we will be moving to the South Stand GA to be closer to Section 115 - The Wedge, started by Matt Killingsworth and to be around more families given the nice advantage of the included kids season tickets. We hope to see you over there next year, and if you are in section 102 this year feel free to stop by and say hi.

Ad Astra Logo History


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