Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#SKCChat Transcript Sep 27, 2011

Host: Justin Mayhugh (@Justinmayhugh) from The Daily Wiz KC (@TheDailyWizKC)
  1. Who do you think Sporting's MVP is so far?
  2. Who should start tomorrow: Teal or CJ?
  3. What should Sporting do with Jeferson at the end of the year?
  4. Starting XI?
  5. How are you feeling about Sporting's playoff chances
  6. Prediction vs. Crew
Tweetreach stats: 74,833 people reached by 501 tweets from 32 Twitterers.  Together we created 491,682 impressions about Sporting Kansas City.  Granted @KrisColvin is a big chunk of that with her thousands of followers, but together we can make a big impression that no other MLS supporters are doing.  And some of you may argue that for one hour this pollutes your Twitter stream with things you do not care about, but remember there are things besides Twitter you can do for an hour...  Also most people find they gain followers after participating in multiple chats.  If you contribute positively you will find that for the rest of the week you have more people to chat with.  In addition when you ever meet any of these people offline you will actually feel like you kind of know them!

Learn more about #SKCchat here.


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