Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Sporting Kansas City Tweetchat #SKCchat

This week marked the first ever Tweetchat dedicated to Sporting Kansas City (Tuesday September 20, 2011 8:30-9p).  While I have been wanting to have this for a while, it just came about spontaneously because a few people bought into the idea pretty fast and we were all online at the same time!  If you have never heard of a Tweetchat here is a quick primer...

Using a single hashtag (like #SKCchat) at a specific time with a third party client for Twitter like Tweetchat (my favorite) or Tweetdeck, you can see all the people talking about a single subject.  It is just like a private chat room because everyone is using the same hashtag, but given the very public nature of Twitter, ALL of your followers have the potential to see it.  Hopefully a few of them will be curious and then they will join in too.

The nice thing about an interface like Tweetchat (online only, not mobile) is that it has quick buttons for RT, reply, favorite and block user.  If you really like what someone said, retweet it to all of your followers.  And no worries about multiple retweets of the same comment, typing is the new sound of applause!  With a Tweetchat you can grow the online community and find more people to collaborate with.  I have used these techniques with great success in my other job as a hospice doctor with hashtags like #HPM (Hospice and Palliative Medicine) and #HCSM (Health Care Social Media).

And using some basic free social media tools like Tweetreach we can see that the 9 just over 2,500 Twitter accounts, making nearly 12,000 impressions with only 50 tweets.  

Here is the transcript of the inaugural chat (in reverse chronological order).

We hope you join us for the next one and on into the future.  If you are ever interested in hosting we would like to rotate it among different people. Click here to indicate times you may be available.

Here are a few variations to tweet out to encourage other people to come join the discussion (all are short enough for Twitter):
  • #SKCchat Tuesday 8-9p Talking all things #SportingKC
  • Come find your fellow #SportingKC fans at #SKCchat Tue nights 8-9p
  • Can't get enough #SportingKC? Love Twitter? Then come join #SKCchat Tue 8-9p
Look! #SKCchat even got coverage over at The Daily Wiz KC!

Here is a highlight reel from the chat to give you a taste of it (using Storify):


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