Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Goals for Good

Soccer fans are passionate about their teams and as we have been looking at Supporter's groups across the MLS, I was glad to see a strong streak of philanthropy in many of them. Many, including Sporting KC's Cauldron, have events and tailgates that raise money for local initiatives. One of the simpler but potentially very effective charitable efforts was the Philadelphia Unions "Union Fans Assist." Building off this model and the novel reverse naming rights of LIVESTRONG Sporting Park from Sporting KC, we wanted to make it simple for KC fans to show their solidarity for the team and the community.

The premise for Goals for Good is easy:
1. Sporting fans like to see Sporting players score goals at LIVESTRONG Park
2. Just under 20,000 people attend each match at home
3. If everyone who attended pledged a small amount of money for each goal at home we could magnify the glow after each goal scored.

Four initial organizations were chosen for the 2011 season that represented a variety of interests so that 95% of people would find at least one they would pick.

Now here is where it got a little complicated. Ad Astra SKC is not a incorporated organization, and frankly we don't want to worry about handling other people's money. Also we don;t want to take away any tax benefit you, the person making the donation, may receive. So we made this a pledge campaign instead of a donation campaign. You only need to promise to donate. The action is on your honor. To make it easier to remember, you will be emailed (by Ad Astra SKC, not the organizations) as pledge invoice at the end of the year.

The 2011 Goals for Good campaign was kicked off September 1, 2011 and as of September 20th we have 9 pledges raising $15/goal for a total of $360 this year. Click here for updated 2011 totals. Sounds small, but we realize we started a little late this year and our widespread recognition to SKC fans is relatively small. But just imagine...

If 2% of fans who attend Sporting games at LIVESTRONG (18,500 x 2% = 370),
...donate an average of $2/goal
...and Sporting Kansas City scores an average of 25 goals at home /year

$370 x $2 x 25 = $18,500 pledged!

And if 10% of fans (1,850) donated $1/goal = $46,250 That's amazing!


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