Monday, February 13, 2012

A History of Sporting KC/Wizards Commercials

Sporting Kansas City unveiled the first TV ad for the 2012 season, titling the campaign "Live for It." As I posted on the Ad Astra FB page, I was neutral on this ad.  It was solid but it didn't inspire me as much as the I Believe That We Will Win or even the (slightly overplayed) Omar Bravo/Kei Kamara ads with the High Noon Standoff/Drum soundtracks. Both of those seemed to have a different level of creativity, artistic direction and passion then the most recent one.  Now I am no videographer, and I realize they take a lot of work.  Maybe it was my high expectations with the great work SKC marketing has done so far.One thing I would love to see is a chance for fans to remix footage and soundtracks to make their own ad.

So to really get a good comparison I thought I would just go back to YouTube and find all the commercials I could.  Here is a collection of them.  I am only including ones that appeared to air on TV, not the very creative and funny shorts compiled by the team over the years,  There are some really good ones in here, and some not so good ones.  One thing that is evident is the team and the players are willing to have fun with it. Which one do you like best?
2011 Omar Bravo  

2011 Kei Kamara  

2011 #IBelieveThatWeWillWin (more on the chant here)  

2010 New Stadium with Kei Kamara and Teal Bunbury  

2009 Besler Wants Waffles

2009 Getting to know Jack Jewsbury

 2009 Getting to know Davy Arnaud

2008 Kerry Zavagnin "Say Anything" Spoof  

2008 Kevin Hartman "16 Candles" Spoof  

 2008 Claudio Lopez Around Town

2008 Jimmy Conrad Crashes the Cauldron

2008 Jimmy Conrad International One Rate  

2008 Liquid 9 Promo

2008 Kevin Hartman Eric Kronberg Hot Plate  

2008 Kevin Hartman Eric Kronberg Contract  

2007 Abandoned Warehouse

 2007 Acercate with Nick Garcia and Jose Burciaga (embedding disabled on this video)


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