Saturday, February 18, 2012

Year in Review DVD's

Today, Mike Kuhn of Down the Byline tweeted about the lack of season review DVD for Sporting Kansas City.

Chance Myers SKC), Bobby Convey (SJE), Aurélien Collin (SKC)

Via Wikimedia Commons and Ryan Knapp 
He had previously wrote a post about this at the end of the season which grabbed my attention. Frankly I was a bit shocked that year in review DVD's (YIR-DVD) would not be fairly commonplace for any sports club.  The overall cost should not be that great with production and packaging being the highest costs.  But with a little foresight, they should be relatively easy to produce at low cost.  Encourage your video crew to be keeping a collection of highlight clips to be used at the end of the season.  Have the video crew and leadership always thinking "Would this clip by great to help tell a story at the end of the year?"

Have your PR team thinking and writing through the whole season about the narrative arcs along a few different themes.  Of course you can use the natural order of games to anchor the story, and in addition you can add in special vignettes on players as they look back on the season (a common technique in reality TV shows) as sub-plots.  At the end of the season you grab a few key staff to write the script, book some time for your team voices to record the narration and voila you have a product to sell and keep your fans interest stoked in the offseason.

Here is the closest we have to a summary video of the 2011 season:

(Update: Mike Kuhn of @DownTheByline tweeted me this video Sunday AM. 2011 Season Highlights - 13 minutes of soccer action.  A great start but with a little more time and some narrative you could get to the finished project.  Aim for 23 minutes and it mkaes for a half hour of broadcast time.

Now of course I understand video production of high quality takes some time, especially if you start de novo at the end of the season. But think of all the quality outcomes from the making of this video:

1. A succinct in the moment historical record of the season for future reference
2. A DVD to be watched over and over by young fans to solidify their love for the team (I did this with Chargers and Padres VCR tapes as a kid)
3. Filler for your affiliated TV stations to show during the offseason at 2am
4. Something for passionate fans to show their friends and turn them into passionate fans
5. Surplus DVD's could be given to season ticket holders or used for contest raffles
6. Printing volumes decreases the individual cost
7. Excerpts could be posted on YouTube for content and drive more interest via social media
8. Already produced content could be packaged as extras and bonuses (Behind the scenes of the Holiday Video Shoot)

Any other ideas you can add?

So Sporting Club it is not too late to document the first year as Sporting KC.  And don't forget Sporting Kansas City, it is not to late to prepare for 2012 and make this a reality and reduced cost and high yield to the club.


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