Monday, February 6, 2012

MLS Social Media Stats

MLS has typically had to fight to grab some attention on the mainstream sports and media outlets, so I have watched with interest how the different clubs have utilized social media to push their own content to fans and get them engaged in spreading the passion for one's club.  Being in Kansas City I have been really lucky because Sporting Kansas City (as a team and as players) has been very active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in addition to creating their own private social media site in Sporting Club.

At the beginning of each month starting with January 2012, I will collect the following pieces of data:

Facebook: Likes, People talking about
Twitter: Tweets, Followers
YouTube: Uploaded videos, Subscriber, Views

 I will be making the data available to anyone who is interested in analyzing it on their own, as long as they share the findings with the public.  Just email me and I will send the link to you on Google Docs.  I will also use this post to link to each analysis I do.  Sometimes it will be an overview of a certain SM platform, other times it will be just picking up on interesting trends.


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